Thursday, May 28, 2015

1:100 T-1 Cunningham for QRF Miniatures

QRF T1 Cunningham and Peter Pig

Four variants of 15mm T1 Cunningham are available for sale from Quick Reaction Force store.

The T1 Cunningham was a U.S. light tank design that never left the prototype stages. Officially carrying the designations of T1E2 and T1E4, it continued through the development stages from 1922 through 1928. This tank was never mass-produced, nor was it ever used in combat.

In World of Tanks online game T1 Cunningham is Tier 1 Tank for united States.

Here you can see 3D Renders of a 1:100 scale models I made in 3DS max.

And here are part just from 3D printer.

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